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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Zero Risk Space Flight

I've been thinking lately, with the space shuttle up in space, and everyone freaking out about every little thing that someone finds wrong. What I've been thinking about is "Zero Risk Space Flight".

Of course, it doesn't exist, not even in Hollywood. Even if, as the conspiracy folks think, we never actually went to the moon, the filming in a Hollywood basement wouldn't have been risk free.

Why do we want no risk? Well, because over the last forty years we've gone from being a country of adventurers to a nanny state, where we are protected from everything. We have warning labels telling us not to stop the chainsaw with our hands, instead of letting a few folks who are too stupid to figure it out set an example.

If today's nanny's were around in 1492 most of the America's would never have been discovered by Europeans. The Queen would have told Christopher "Sorry, the there is no way to get to India that way, take the long way around".

Yeah, Zero risk space flight would be nice, but it's not going to happen. In the spirit of Columbus, who Columbia was named for, I say keep taking risks, put a 100 tons of liquid hydrogen under some brave volunteer's ass, and light it like a candle to launch him or her into space.


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