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Monday, March 10, 2008

STOP BREATHING! You are Killing The Planet!

Ah yes, today's alarmist headline in the Washington Post "Carbon Output Must Near Zero To Avert Danger, New Studies Say". The problem with that is to completely eliminate carbon emissions, specifically CO2 emissions, we have to kill every living creature on the planet. We all exhale carbon dioxide. So, where do we line up to being the exterminations?

Here's what we should do, the President should read this, and become extremely alarmed. In fact, he should sign an executive order that eliminates all required studies, and blocks lawsuits against companies wishing to build any type of non-carbon emitting power plant. Nuclear, solar, wind farms, put 'em up, where ever there is space. In the mean time, ration electricity so as to reduce the impact of it's use.

He should also ban air travel until it can be accomplished without emitting carbon. Ban use of personal vehicles unless they are certified to be 100% non-carbon emitting. Require all emergency vehicles to immediately be switched to 0 carbon emitting models. Require all public transportation to be 0 emitting, within 1 year.

Any business that, as a byproduct of doing business, emits carbon must be immediately shuttered.

Anyone who lives in Arizona, Southern California, Southern New Mexico and Most of Texas will immediately be relocated somewhere else, we'll need the space for the solar panels. Any property in the highest category for wind generation (4-7) , regardless of location or use, will be taken based on eminent domain for new wind generators.

Does this all sound silly? IT IS! Getting to zero carbon emissions isn't going to happen. Wish you may, wish you might, someone will be burning charcoal tonight (me, probably).

The alarmists can scream all they want, but unless they are willing to sanction wars against the countries that don't drop their emissions, zero carbon output isn't going to happen, not in the next 10 years, not in the next 100, or even 1000. By the way, war has a huge carbon footprint.

Unless the world decides it should go back to the stone age it won't happen. Just the manufacturing of the vehicles, power plants, etc, to get to that zero output will have a huge carbon output. In fact, most manufacturing has some sort of output of carbon, so do we end all that, too?

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