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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GOP Minority Agenda

Here's a weird thought. The GOP will be in the minority, though I doubt a filibuster proof one in the Senate, come January, and a bigger one in the House.

The first order of business on their plate should be to ALLOW the Democrats, as soon as possible, to pass their new "fairness doctrine" bill. Why would I, a conservative, who knows that the whole idea is to kill talk radio want this to happen? Easy, an Obama president and Senate probably won't get to put anyone on the Supreme Court for the next year, and probably won't replace a conservative for 2 or 3 years. So, you get the law passed while you have a majority on the court who enjoy free speech, and then challenge it.

Once you get something tossed; and I think you would at the first lawsuit in the right district court; and challenged to the top, as with most court precedent, it's hard to overturn.

Secondly, the GOP, as a party, not just a few folks, need to eschew earmarks for the next two years. Not only not ask for them, but vote no on everyone of them, and publicize them. David Obey from Wisconsin was going to champion their reform for the Democrats. He has instead found more new and creative ways to hide them. The GOP needs to avoid them, and point out who's spending the money and where it's going.

Thirdly, they need to be the vocal, annoying minority that the Democrats were for a dozen years. They've wasted the last two years defending George Bush instead of pointing out the hypocrisy of what got the Democrats elected in 2006 and what they've actually done in Congress (nothing).

Finally, they need to clean house on the leadership side. McConnell, Bohner, and the whole crew need to be tossed down the stairs, and get new, young leadership in place.

One of the great things about the 24 hour news cycle, and our collective short memories is that by May of 2010, when races for the House and Senate start heating up, everything will be the new President and Congress's fault. The Democrats will have a hard time blaming a minority party, and President gone for 18 months for all that ails them in Congress.

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