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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Bielema Dig?

I believe Bret Bielema, head coach of the University of Wisconsin football team took a dig at his critics today. Not to a reporter, but on the field of play.

Last week Wisconsin rolled Indiana by a score of 83-20, and many national media pundits were up in arms about that score. Many complained that Wisconsin still passed the ball in the fourth quarter, with a huge lead. They didn't mention it was 3rd and 4th string players still scoring on Indiana, only that Wisconsin kept scoring. Evidently the players were supposed to take a knee after any gain of more than 2 yards to give Indiana the ball back.

This week Bielema took a shot at them by calling 29 straight running plays in the second half against Michigan (31 if the victory formation is counted). They still scored four more times, with only 1 pass in the half. The message was pretty simple, run, pass, whatever, the defense has to stop us, and they haven't been able to lately.

Bielema would have been justified throwing this week, Michigan was making a run and got to within 2 scores a couple of times. They continually stacked the box with nine men. They still ran, and still scored.

LSU, Stanford, TCU and Boise State will all be looking at the films from the last two games; those are the most likely opponents for Wisconsin come bowl time. My guess would be each will hope one of the others gets to play the Badgers.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank A Veteran Today

Today is Veteran's Day. When you see one, thank him or her for their service.

My daughter put her thoughts on the day into a poem.

Look around and see the beauty,
Take a look at the joys we have,
Be amazed at what we can do,
Think of what it took to have all this.
Our freedoms, our rights, our lives,
Stop and think of why you enjoy a life as such
A man, a woman, a father, a mother,
A son or a daughter gives their life each day
A life taken so another can be fulfilled
Freedom isn’t free, but fought for and died for
To the men, women, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters
Thank you for paying for our freedom,
You are not forgotten,
You are not forsaken,
Thank you for the lives that we enjoy today.
**Stop today and thank a Veteran for the lives we’ve become accustomed to**

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Apple Has Become What It Despised

As I read Steve Jobs lately, extolling the virtues of the iPad/iPod/iPhone and their company controlled markets and development, I realize that his company has become what it claimed it hated back in 1984.

One of his companies big complaints in 1984 was there was no way to customize your PC. Everything was as "Big Blue" said it would be. The Mac was changing all of that with a customizable desktop and easier way to do things.

Now today he sings the praises of every iPhone and iPad having the exact same look and layout.

As a guy on his second Android phone I will say I like the customization. The standard Android setup on my Samsung model was alright, but I wanted a little more. I could add it myself through skins, or whatever. Those are verboten in the iStore, Apple controls the look and feel. Now with my HTC unit I like the 5 main screens and some of their included widgets. Who knows, I may look at Motorola next.

Now I'm looking at Tablet's. My first reaction to the iPad is cool, but too big, too expensive. While Jobs hates the idea of a 7 inch screen I actually like it compared to the 10" screen on an iPad. If I want to use it as a reader, not just a PC replacement 7" is just about right. 10 is too much to lay in bed with (shut up ladies).
Unlike some folks I don't see a tablet PC as a replacement for my notebook or desktop. More of an augmentation. Nice to use to quickly check e-mail, surf the net etc., but not great for doing anything major, real keyboards still work better for that.
So, now I'll wait until after the xMas rush and then start looking. Having looked at the iPad, I know I won't be getting one of those.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Note to the Tea Party

Dear Tea Party Folks,

I'll give you credit, last night you won some good victories. You also left a few seat in the other guys hands because of your candidates.

Contrary to the Tea Party/Libertarian philosophies, politics is as much an art of dealing with the distasteful when necessary as it is standing always on one set of principles. If you don't believe that, just look at that huge delegation from the Green Party in congress, or Libertarians for that matter.

Sometimes, and in some places, you are going to have to accept that a "mainstream GOP" candidate is going to BETTER represent your agenda than the Democrat who's sure to win against your next Christine O'Donnell.

No one wanted a Sharron Angle to win more than me, I despise Harry Reid. But the fact is, I never doubted that she'd lose. Nevada is full of good GOP candidates, and you picked the loser.

Again, you get credit, you did better than the Kosite Netroots in 2004, when all of their candidates went down in flames. However, you still have a bunch to learn about politics.

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Note to the GOP

Dear GOP,

Last night you won some resounding victories in the election. Four years ago you got your clocks cleaned, and now have made up that ground and more in the House. However, you only control one branch of government, not 3, and will have to do some compromising.

As much as the Tea Party folks want you to repeal anything President Obama has signed in the last couple of years, you can't. What you can do is modify some of it. Some folks in the party might cringe, but you'll have to find some common ground with Obama and Reid if you want to do anything.

Secondly, if you haven't noticed, this is the 3rd election cycle in a row where America has voted for "change". So, doing nothing, or worse; obstructing everything; will probably have you leading the charge out of town again in 2012.

The truth is you have about 16 months to actually accomplish anything. After that we start hitting early caucus' and primary elections for 2012, and as this year proved, nothing happens from the start of the primary season until after the election. No one wants to cast a vote that might kill them come November.

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Note to the President

Mr. President,

Having just read through your remarks today, I have to ask, were your exit pollsters also pushing Proposition 19 in California?

Listen, when you lose over 60 seats in the House, and the #1 reason given by voters is that the government has gone too far with health care reform and spending, you should listen. Instead, I see a guy who may think doubling down in the next two years is a good thing.

I don't believe for a second the entire health care bill can be removed, you've still got a veto pen, and Harry Reid in charge of the Senate. However, you are going to have to scale it back. If not, you're party becomes the "Party of No" come 2012, like "No Senate, No White House".

Secondly, don't listen to Robert Reich. Yeah, he's smart in some ways, and somehow survived Clinton's move to the center. But if you take his advice and continue to tack left, you'll find no help anywhere. There are a number of Senators in your party who have to live through 2012, they won't if they side with you on more far left agenda items. (Ask Russ Feingold how it worked out for him).

Finally, guys like Tom Daschle and Trent Lott are going to start offering you advice on how to not only get along for the next two years, but possibly thrive. Listen to them. You may in your heart of hearts believe you are the smartest guy in the room, but they are the most experienced; and one thing I've learned in life is that a lot of degrees don't always make you the best for the job, but a lot of experience usually does.

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