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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Note to the Tea Party

Dear Tea Party Folks,

I'll give you credit, last night you won some good victories. You also left a few seat in the other guys hands because of your candidates.

Contrary to the Tea Party/Libertarian philosophies, politics is as much an art of dealing with the distasteful when necessary as it is standing always on one set of principles. If you don't believe that, just look at that huge delegation from the Green Party in congress, or Libertarians for that matter.

Sometimes, and in some places, you are going to have to accept that a "mainstream GOP" candidate is going to BETTER represent your agenda than the Democrat who's sure to win against your next Christine O'Donnell.

No one wanted a Sharron Angle to win more than me, I despise Harry Reid. But the fact is, I never doubted that she'd lose. Nevada is full of good GOP candidates, and you picked the loser.

Again, you get credit, you did better than the Kosite Netroots in 2004, when all of their candidates went down in flames. However, you still have a bunch to learn about politics.

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