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Friday, August 12, 2005

Smearing for Gain

NARAL, the "pro-choice" group, pulled an ad that it had begun running earlier this week smearing Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.

According to NARAL, they pulled the ad because people were "misconstruing it's meaning". Evidently the voice over claiming he defended abortion clinic bombers. The facts were actually that he'd written they shouldn't be excused; but that was a different case. The one they referred to he didn't defend bombers, he said that state laws banning protests in front of clinics were out of the Fed's jurisdiction.

But hey, if they can get a couple of folks thinking he likes bombers, they've made their point.

Now, if I ran an ad saying NARAL supports the murder of innocent lives, they'd have fits and talk about my intolerance, probably sue for libel, and generally make a huge stick. Of course my rant would probably be more based in fact than theres, but when you are just trying to gain fear points, who cares.


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