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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Liberal Readership Up Sharply

My liberal readership went up sharply today because of the NY Times story. In fact, this is by far my best day, and it's only 7pm here in Virginia. My liberal comments didn't, they evidently haven't figured out the intricacies of Haloscan yet.

When I started looking at my site meter, I found that the majority weren't coming from the NY Times, but were instead coming from liberal PAC and other action groups.

Think Progress has a link to me, as does American Progress Action Fund, two of the most liberal action groups around. Neither has an actual story up, just a note about Wal-Mart using bloggers, and links to the NY Times story and a few of the blogs.

Other blogs have picked up the story as it makes it way through the Blogosphere, and have sent me some readers, such as Political Psychic.

The other groups and blogs sending me readers today, in no particular order :

Lone Pony has some very kind words about me and this story. Thanks.

Marquette Warrior has a bunch of posts up today with other bloggers, and media reaction to the story.

Brainster has his take on the issue of bloggers and PR companies up on his site, too.

PR Blogger also has a bunch of links and interesting snippets from different outlets.

RSC Partners has some info up on their blog about this issue. They are another media/PR company who has a blog up.

A few folks who didn't link me but covered this in other ways.

Instapundit didn't link to me, but does have a nice run down of coverage of the story.

Wonkette could have linked too, but she just rants that we shouldn't be whoring ourselves for free. Hey, Wonkette, whores get paid, those of us who happened to use some of Edelman's tips would be more correctly described as sluts. Just wanted to clarify that.

CNBC covered the story with a 2 minute or so mini debate featuring Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine, who pointed out (like I did yesterday) that the MSM has been using press releases for the basis of stories for years, and not attributed them as such.

One upside of this whole thing has been some extra "real media" attention that I've received. CNBC e-mailed me this morning about the Closing Bell segment, but I can't check home e-mail at work, so I missed out on that one. Damn job getting in the way of life again, what will I do.

Two different publications have sent me interview questionnaires for upcoming issues.

And a journalism professor has asked for some answers about how this whole process worked, to use in his classes and for a research project/

The other upside is a few new readers have commented and sent me some supportive e-mails over my name becoming mud. Thanks folks, I appreciate it!

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Oh Yeah, the AFL-CIO blog still hasn't put up a correction, now there's a surprise.


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