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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thanks Howard

I got a tip from the folks at Edelman PR today, so I'm blogging about it. Will the world end?

The tip was that Howard Kurtz has a long article in today's Washington Post "Blog Wars" which has some of the blogger reaction (including mine) to the NY Times story from Tuesday.

Howard did a very nice job of cutting and pasting from my blog to his article, and the "...." he used didn't lose the context of my information, thanks Howard.

There is some good advice from Jeff Jarvis at Buzzmachine.com in the story on how to attribute information, that a lot of newbies (and some not so newbies) could probably use:

"So my first response is to help bloggers with advice: If you write a post inspired by what you get from a company or its PR agent, say so. If you use facts or quotes from a company, politician, PR agent, or press release, say so (better yet, link to it). If you get anything from a PR agent -- things, business meetings, social events -- say so. Your public has a right to know where your information comes from so they can judge it accordingly."
I think that is pretty good advice, and I've pretty well followed it since I started this thing. Of course, since 95% of my posts have originated either as a thought of my own, or were inspired by news I linked to, that makes it pretty easy. I can't imagine guys like Glenn Reynolds always getting every hat tip into every article that was caused by a readers e-mail.

Give the story a read, and see if you agree with Howard and Jeff Jarvis, that this "story" wasn't much of a story.

One quick question for the Post, when Confederate Yankee is done with the guest blogging spot, can I get it?

And by the way, I hope the folks from the AFL-CIO who stopped by today were able to get that correction up, never mind they didn't.

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more at BlogWrite For CEO's on the whole Times issue, and Marquette Warrior for more insight on the Washington Post story.


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