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Friday, November 03, 2006

It's A Small World

Funny thing about my last post. I mentioned that I found the picture of the soldiers in Iraq holding the sign at Hooah Wife's blog. Then, I e-mailed it to Charlie Sykes, since I thought he would find it amusing, though I couldn't get on his blog at the time because of server issues on his end.

It turns out the server issue was because Charlie was the first one to post the picture, which then ended up with a link at Drudge, and is now a front page story in the New York Post. The link from Drudge ended up crashing WTMJ's web server because so many folks wanted to see the picture.

Now the one day story about Kerry's remarks, that should have ended Monday night or Tuesday morning is now going to carry into the weekend. Every major network is covering the picture, and reminding folks of what Kerry said, and which party he's from.

Tucker Carlson obviously read the latest issue of Newsweek, since his show was trying to defend Kerry's remark last night as helping to refocus the debate on Iraq. Unfortunately, for the left, because of the picture, and the news coverage the families of the soldiers in it got, the debate became not about the mission but the people performing it, something that the left would desperately like to avoid.

They (the left) give a lot of lip service to supporting the troops, but the troops don't seem to feel they have their best interest, or the interest of their mission in mind. The media has done a good job since major combat operations ended in Iraq of keeping the troops views of the mission off the news, until yesterday.

The one thing the folks on the left, and right, should take out of this whole incredible thing is that the troops can hear you. Years ago when I first enlisted and went overseas news was on up to a two week delay, and you'd think it still was the way some of our politicians act. It's not; todays troops have internet access in the field, and it's much easier for them to make phone calls. This picture coming out within two days of Kerry's remarks should remind us, the troops know what we are saying, and don't seem to like it when we act like they aren't in the (virtual) room.

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Blogger shoprat said...

Too many on the left have yet to learn (thank God) that they can no longer count on MSM silence for their blunders and honest moments. Thanks to the blogs and other new media, every stupid and evil thing they do is out for the world to see.

8:00 PM  

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