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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but honestly, I'm exhausted right now. I got my oil changed last Friday at 29,372 miles. When I get home tomorrow night the truck will be at 31,240 miles, give or take. Lots of traveling, plus 34 or so hours of actual work at customer sites and as many nights in hotels as at home, and I'm pretty beat.

On top of that, some issues at home have come up that require a lot of attention, which I'm having a hard time giving them with the above mentioned travel schedule this week.

However, just because I'm tired doesn't mean the world quit turning. In fact it might be turning on it's head, and I just haven't noticed. So, if you are wondering what's going on with the whole "Alberto Gonzales should resign" affair I will direct you to Macsmind, which has a lot on the story. He also has a little forgotten history from 1993, when the Clinton Administration fired all 93 US Attornies. Yes, all of them have been fired before (only once though).

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