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Friday, March 09, 2007

Rehab Now, Dentist Later

I just caught the AP article that Eddie Van Halen is heading to rehab so that he can give 110% to his fans.

I've always loved Eddie's guitar playing, and most of Van Halen's music. I also envied Eddie because he married my childhood crush, Valerie Bertinelli.

Now, though, after seeing his picture today, I understand why my parents worried about us idolizing Eddie....
So, anyway Eddie, when you get done with rehab, hows about a quick trip to the dentist, and maybe a barber. You're only 52, but you look like the crazy old man who lived down the street from all of us when we were growing up.

Oh yeah, stay away from that bald Chick Britney, she wouldn't be a good fit as lead singer for the band. Though Wolfgang might appreciate it.

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Blogger garydrew01 said...

Probably, on dental problems he could ask Orange County Dentist about it. But on the other hand, for his mental problems I don't think somebody could help.

2:04 AM  

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