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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Senate Votes for Defeat In Iraq

Joining their brethren in the House, the Senate today voted to accept defeat in Iraq, regardless of the long term consequences there or in the region as a whole.

In basically a party line vote (one Republican voted yes), the bill passed 51-46. Now it goes to the President for his promised veto.

One thing I noted in the Washington Post story, and predicated a few days back, was that there is no talk in either chamber of an attempt to override the veto, due to the close votes (218-208 in the House). Instead the House is now going to try and introduce parts of the retreat and defeat plans in other pending legislation, hoping it will get passed some other way.

The Senate, lead by Harry Reid and Russ Feingold will try and pass a bill that funds the war, but then cuts off all funding at a specified date. That has about as much chance of being signed into law as I do of being the next American Idol.

If no funding plan is passed that's palatable to the White House in the next three to four weeks, expect to see the President use the method I mentioned the other day to continue funding operations. Executive orders to transfer funds inside DoD.

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