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Friday, April 20, 2007

Taking Aim But Missing The Mark

E.J. Dionne Jr. takes aim at a lack of gun control laws after the Virginia Tech shooting, but misses the mark (as usual) by omitting some important facts.

While he'd like to see tougher gun control laws because of the shooting, the truth is if the current federal laws had been followed the shooter couldn't have bought his guns. That was straight from the paper E.J. editorializes for, maybe he should read more of it.

In both cases his background check came up clean, when it shouldn't have. You see, that judges order against him from December 2005 should have put him in the federal registry for instant background checks. Except that Viriginia's law about mental illness and gun buying isn't as strict as the federal one; so the Sherriff didn't report him to the State, who didn't report him to the feds.

Even if the County had reported him, there is no guarantee that he would have gotten into the federal registry, though. You see, many states don't send reports to the feds except on convicts because it costs money, and they want the feds to pay for it. Since the feds don't pay for it, the states don't report.

Then, when something like this happens, we have guys like Dionne asking for more laws, when the truth is, the one that would have prevented the tragedy is on the books, but whining politicians haven't started following it yet.

So folks, before you decide we need more laws, how about we fund the one's we already have so they can work!

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