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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sometimes It Takes Years...

Sometimes it takes years for a point to get across. You may have the greatest arguements in the world to pose to your adversaries, and they just don't (or refuse) to get it.

A few things 17 years in the making are starting to become clear to people who ignored them that whole time. Harken back with me, to the last century, circa 1991, and the beginning of the Bill Clinton Era. Conservatives and liberals remeber that time frame differently. Democrats saw the dawning of the "New Camelot", Republicans saw the opening stanzas of "Liars Club".

When the right (rightfully) said that Bill Clinton would say or do anything to get into office, and provided numerous examples we were brushed off by the media and the left as "bitter" over Clinton's plurality election win(s).

Bill was chastized for making his wife 'too powerful' by making her chairman of the committee to figure how to nationalize health care. We on the right said that's a job for a professional, not the first lady, and she proved she couldn't handle the job.

When we complained of the backhanded inuendo slung about towards political enemies we were told "get a thicker skin, that's how the game is played".

But now, the right is feeling some vindication, especially after the South Carolina Primary. The media is having a hard time figuring out how to cover the Democratic primaries, Obama v. Billary Clinton, but they figuring out that Bill will say or do anything to get the wife elected to his old office, and even liberal commentators are taking notice.

Joe Klein, in Time's "Swampland Blog" called the South Carolina vote "moral reprimand delivered to Bill and Hillary Clinton by a united Democratic Party". He went on to say that "Clinton was quoted reminding people that Jesse Jackson had won the primary in 1984 and 1988--which was, of course, a history lesson not a race jab. Of course."

But, hey, Bubba has always "given lessons" and not taken jabs, at least that's what the media tried to lead everyone to believe for about 9 years. Seeing the MSM and especiallty liberal activists coming to the realization that "Clinton Politics" is synonomous with dirty politics is particularly thrilling for those of us who called it years ago. The question now becomes, can the Comeback Kids figure out another one, even after the folks who helped them to their other comebacks have figured them out?

Hillary is now focusing on Florida; stripped of it's delegates like Michigan for moving before Super Tuesday; in hopes of regaining some momentum. Funny thing, like Edwards and Obama she vowed to not campaign there, but her name is on the ballot and she's decided to make a showing. I'll still venture to say that if the delegates of those two states make the difference between a Clinton or Obama ticket we'll see a fight to get them seated. If it's Clinton that's behind you can bet we'll see some more interesting politics from the family.

So, for the folks on the right, enjoy basking in the afterglow of the Clinton meltdown, and for those on the left, sorry about that empty feeling that comes when you realize you've been hoodwinked for years by someone you thought you knew.

*Another quick link for you from Wall Street Journal on the South Carolina primary.

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