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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oops, got it wrong

Hey, I predicted Guliani, Romney, McCain in New Hampshire, and Huckabee in 5th. I got it wrong, it looks like McCain, Romney, Huckabee (a distant third), Guiliani and finally Ron Paul and Fred Thompson with little discernable pulse.

On the Democratic side it looks like the media lovefest with Obama may not have given him any win, much less the double digit one predicted this as late as this morning. The women who abandoned Clinton in Iowa seem to have shown up in New Hampshire, as well as a good portion of registered Democrats.

On the GOP side, with no real front runner I'm not sure that the New Hampshire results make much difference. Though Romney failing to get within 10 points of McCain could have some impact on his fund raising.

On the Democratic side, though they might mean more than Iowa did. The death watch will suddenly be removed from Hillary's campaign, and Obama might start getting actual questions asked about his plans for 'change'.

Clinton may also decide against writing off Nevada and South Carolina, in hopes of stringing a couple of wins together. Many predicted she'd skip appearances in both states to concentrate on Super Tuesday. I'm thinking that now if she feels close in either or both states she'll show up with the bandwagon in hopes of a few more wins, to try and reestablish the inevitability of her campaign.

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