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Friday, February 29, 2008

Turning Back Time

Evidently Barack Obama will be able to reverse time if he is elected to the Presidency. If he's elected, suddenly it will be 2002 again, and we won't invade Iraq, Saddam Hussein will still be in power, and Al Qaeda wont' be there.

That's the basic gist of his being called to the carpet for saying he wouldn't hesitate to send US troops back to Iraq "if Al Qaeda established a base there".

When McCain (rightfully) pointed out that Al Qaeda is in Iraq already Barack started dancing the "you're just like George Bush" two step, concentrating on the fact that it's Bush's fault we're in Iraq and McCain supported him.

That may be relevant on a certain level, but the fact is, it doesn't speak to the here and now, which is and should be more relevant than the past.

A few questions the senator should be asked, but evidently won't because it might embarrass him are:

1. Will Iraq be a safer place if we leave?
2. Will violence in Iraq continue to decrease as it has since the surge began(by over 60%)?
3. Will the Sunni's who turned on Al-Qaeda in Iraq to help the US side with a government they don't have faith in?
4. Will the region as a whole be more stable if we leave?
5. Will we have the clout in the region to help shape policy if we leave?

If the answer to any one of these questions were "no" it would probably point to pulling out being an unwise decision. The truth is the answer to all 5 is no, meaning that pulling out would probably be a disaster, both for Iraq, and US foreign policy in the region. However, that truth doesn't matter when you are panding for votes in the base of your party.

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