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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Harold Has The Right Question

Over the last few days we've been inundated with the news that New York's Democratic Governor, Eliot Spitzer was hooking up with high end call girls that charge $5,500 per HOUR.

For a long time I railed against Spitzer when he was New York's Attorney General, and looked for ways to destroy Wall St. companies. Most of the time it was in the name of protecting the "little guy", but usally came of as him being a self righteous prick, who felt guilty about his own silver spoon upbringing.

It was kind of proven out by the fact that the few companies who challenged him in court all won. Most didn't challenge him, not because they were guilty, but because they (unlike governments) do cost benefit analysis as a matter or course, and decided that it was easier and cheaper to settle that have their name drug through the mud for months or years.

So now Spitzer, who as DA in Manhattan used to round up and bust prostitution rings, is caught using one. Evidently Wall St. companies weren't the only one's he liked to screw.

Harold Myerson, over at the Washington Post, has a great question, what makes a hooker worth $5500 an hour? I've asked a few folks that question over the last few days, and no one can think of a reason to pay that kind of money for a hour of what a hooker does.

Myerson, though, has the answer. It's not that what she does is worth that kind of cash, it's that guys like Spitzer can afford that kind of cash, and you, Mr. Little Guy he's been protecting can't.

You see, Spitzer is a hypocrite. For year's he's been telling us that the little guy is who he's out to protect. Having based his political career on that premise, he can't buy a lot of things other rich guys do. He's look like a self righteous snob. So no Ferrari for Eliot, no private plane, though he did have a nice place in Manhattan (payed for with Daddy's money). The rest of the toys rich guys got would make him look two faced. So, instead, he flaunted his money with hookers the little guy couldn't pay for. No uptown street walkers for Eliot, he had to have the "good stuff".

Myerson points out that Spitzer was also looking for the one thing that a $300 an hour hooker couldn't give him, discretion. At $5500 an hour you better be quiet. But this brought out another of his flaws, hubris.

Spitzer like a lot of folks in his position in life feel they are the smartest guys on the block, or in the world. He didn't get caught because of buying the hookers. He got caught because of odd ways he was transferring money to accounts around the country. The Feds thought he was being blackmailed and were looking in to it, only to find the truth was it wasn't him who was being "screwed".

Mr. Spitzer, I hope you enjoy your future life in obscurity. I'm not sure why you haven't resigned yet, other than that little hubris issue of yours. It's time to sign the papers, and head out of Albany, and the headlines. Though I'm sure when the divorce comes up you'll be back in the news.

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