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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McCain on the Farm Bill

John McCain has a great editorial piece in today's Chicago Tribune on why the recently passed Farm Bill needs to get vetoed by President Bush. Keep in mind, it passed both houses with enough votes to override a veto, but that doesn't mean it should just get a free pass.

Keep in mind, we aren't in the "Farm Aid" days, when cripplingly high interest rates, along with low commodity prices were killing farms left and right. Today we have low interest rates, very high prices for most every farm product out there, and of course Congress decided that we still need subsidies. On top of that, the majority of them go to corporate farms, not the family farm everyone worries about.

McCain not only calls out congress for the bill, and the billions in earmarks attached to it, but also Barack Obama. He gets Obama for supporting the farm bill, at the same time complaining about level playing fields in other areas of trade. (Note to Obama, this is a losing battle to try and fight.)

Give it a read, it's a nice piece of work, not through the filter of a reporter, instead from the candidate.

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