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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Someone Is Getting A Timeout!

"A 10-year timeout for global warming, study says", is the headline in the Christian Science Monitor. Reading the article, as a global warming skeptic, I felt validated.

The bright guys who believe in global warming have now added more variables to the equation, and found that Global Warming is bored, and needs a rest. It's going to take 10 years off.

A couple of years back, you find articles that say in that same time frame we'll hit the "tipping point", and be unable to stop global warming.

The Disciples of Al have been telling us (with faked footage in movies) that the buildup of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is too much for mother nature to combat, and we'll all die.

If, what they've been feeding us the last half dozen or so years is true, then what the CSM is reporting MUST be false. There can't be a simultaneous increase in greenhouse gasses, and a period of cooling. Yet, as the CSM notes in the article, the world hasn't warmed appreciably in the last 7 years. And, it's looking like the next 10 aren' t so good for that trend either.

The real lesson here, if you can get past my sarcasm, isn't that global warming isn't happening, ore isn't man made, or that it is happening and we do cause it. The real lesson is that we don't know, and the science; as the German team CSM is talking about demonstrates; isn't anywhere near complete.

The models are changed regularly, some, like the one in the Monitor, seems to be changing based on new information and new methodologies. Others are changed, unfortunately, to validate bad methodology. Either way, if you have to change your models on a regular basis, that probably means the previous one's need to be tossed, and ignored as unreliable. If they weren't, why the changes?

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