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Monday, April 21, 2008

Will It Kill Us?

I was reading the Chicago Tribune today when I happened by a piece I missed traveling last week. Evidently the new Large Hadron Collider,the largest particle collider in the world, will be ready to use this year. They hope this is the piece of equipment that will shed some insight into what happened right after the big bang, and answer questions like "where'd all this matter come from?"

Some folks, though are worried that it will actually create an artificial black hole that will eat the earth, and possibly nearby planets and stars. One guy in Hawaii has filed a law suit to stop it from being used until it's shown that it won't kill us all.

I'm betting against the doomsday scenario, while it may be able to create a black hole, if they give it Rosie O'Donnell to eat, that thing won't be hungry for years. The planet will be safe.

So, go ahead with your experiments, but please keep Rosie close by, just in case.

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