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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sorry For The Absence

Sorry about the absence. Last week got a little crazy with work and family obligations. So, for a nice relaxing weekend we went to the trailer in the woods, to enjoy a little quiet, a charity event, and just unwind. Unfortunately the winds twisted things up. They ended up ending the auction early and getting everyone to shelter due to storms and tornado warnings. Flooding actually destroyed one of the lakes in the area.

To top it off, since we've been having a little rain lately (6 or 7 inches), my basement flooded, and I spent 30 solid hours with 2 submersible pumps and a shop vac trying to dry it out. In over 8 years here we've never had so much water that the shop vac and a mop wouldn't clean it up. Luckily it never got over about 3 inches deep, but that still wrecks stuff.

Saturday I'll be spending quality time with a wheel barrow and 20 yard dumpster cleaning out what can't be salvaged. No, not enough in the basement to fill the dumpster, but since it's here, I've got some stuff in the yard that could go, and the shed. I'd rather have one too big than have to pay for a second trip.

I'll write something witty tonight about Barack Obama or John McCain.

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