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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Was Barney Fife Working?

While driving to work this morning, (about 7:00am) I heard on a Milwaukee radio station that there was a police standoff in Hales Corners, Wi. Evidently overnight neighbors hear gunshots, and did what you are supposed to do, called the cops.

The police arrived, surrounded the building, and tried to all the shooters. No answer. They evacuated the area, just in case. They kept trying to call the shooters. Still no answer. They called in the SWAT folks, who tried to call, and got no answer.

At 8:30 am they found out why there was no answer, the shooters; two 19 year olds and one 21 year old; after firing the gun while playing with it, went to sleep. They woke up at 8:30, saw all the cops, and left with them peacefully.

Now, I'm not a cop, but I'm wondering, why wasn't someone in full protective gear sent up to knock on the door? Or use a bullhorn, or call a relative of one of the guys and get a cell phone number?

I'm sure Barney Fife would have been brave enough to volunteer for that job.

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