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Friday, August 07, 2009

Adam Andrzejewski Can't Take A Hint

So the folks from Adam Andrzejewski's campaign are evidently not real bright.
I asked a while back to be removed from their e-mail list, and was. Then this afternoon, I got a call from someone at his campaign, on my work phone. I said that this is my work phone, please don't call it, and please don't bother me anymore. Within a minute my phone rang again, this time without caller ID, and it was the same guy.

Adam, if your folks can't follow simple "please don't bother me on my work phone" type instructions, how much good are they going to do for us if they are trying to assist a governor?
I think I know why they are calling and the answer to the question is "no, I wouldn't be interested".
Thanks though, and have a great day.
*** UPDATE ***
At least the third caller, Veronica, didn't block her number and identified herself. But she called within minutes of the other callers being asked to NOT CALL MY WORK NUMBER.
One more call from them and I'm bitching to the state.

I guess his campaign is proving the old adage, 99% of politicians give the rest of them a bad name.

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