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Monday, September 21, 2009

Government to Mandate Auto Ownership!

The government has decided to mandate automobile ownership, one of my inside sources told me.

Why would they do such a thing? Well it seems that those who drive automobiles are getting stuck with an extra charge that drives the cost of a car up, they have to pay extra to subsidize public transportation.

Gas taxes, wheel taxes, registration fees and tolls are all funnelled into public transit funds, making those who drive pay for those to take the bus. Yes, bus and train riders do pay a fare, but it doesn't cover the actual cost of providing public transportation.

The way it is being put together, if you can't afford to buy a car, you'll get a government subsidy to help pay for it, through an approve government auto dealer (GM or Chrysler, since the government owns them). You won't be allowed to buy one from outside those approve dealers if you use the government money.

The feds will also determine what type of vehicle is available through the dealers. There will be no waivers, if the 4 passenger Cobalt won't work for your family, that's too bad.

If you do have a car, but it's blue book value exceeds a preset limit, you will be charged a tax on it, to help fund the subsidies to those who don't have cars.

If you can afford to buy one, but insist on using public transportation, at the end of the year the IRS will verify you don't have a car, and assess you a fine, from $800 to $3900 a year based on income, to punish you for not buying one.

Does this sound insane? Yes. And it's not happening. However, the part about drivers subsidizing public transit is true, just like insured people subsidize the uninsured (or those on Medicare).

So why would you consider this a reach, when the Senate and House are already considering legislation, using this same logic, in the name of health care reform?

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