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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cindy Sheehan's Alternate Reality

It's been interesting watching professional distraught mother Cindy Sheehan over the last few weeks picketing outside the President's ranch in Texas. It's been even more interesting watching the media.

If you were to read the paper or watch CNN or MSNBC for the first week, you'd think the woman had never been near the President before, but then some of the talking heads starting showing that she had already met him, and is demanding a second meeting.

Of course if you read her blog, and listen to the reporters who fawn over her, you'd be led to believe that she is there representing her whole family. Evidently her soon to be ex husband has claimed to a few radio hosts that it isn't the case, and that most of the family doesn't support what she's doing.

And you'd think that her son was a naive young man, who knew no better and joined the Army, only to be sent to Iraq. Actually, he'd already done one tour there, and then re-enlisted after it, knowing he'd be sent back.

Now that I know the truth about her son, that he was not only a good soldier, but one who went back, fully knowing the dangers, I wonder what he'd think about the spectacle his mother has become.

As a footnote, Ms. Sheehan left Crawford today because her mother had a stroke. I wish her mother well and hope she makes a full recovery.


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