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Friday, September 16, 2005

Molly Join's Jesse Jackson's Disinformation Campaign

Molly Ivins, in her latest column, has jumped on Jesse Jackson's bandwagon of disinformation about the Shaw Group and Halliburton contracts on the gulf coast.

As with the Mr. Jackson (I refuse to call him reverend anymore), Molly jumps on the Joe Allbaugh connection in Shaw, refusing to acknowledge the fact the company chairman is the Chair of the Democratic Party in Louisiana.

She also derides Halliburton's work, though conveniently forgetting that they are working on a contract they competitively bid last year.

Molly, like Jesse, is a joke. Papers shouldn't even carry them on the "opinion" page, they need to come up with a lies, misinformation, and whining page for those two columns. (Marky Steyn, the conservative columnist could join them there, he's just as bad).

My guess is that neither Ivins or Jackson would like to write about Joseph Cari, a former finance chairman for the Democratic National Committee, who just plead guilty in Illinois to shaking down companies involved with the state's Teachers Pension Fund this week. Or the fact that the Governor of the State of Illinois is also being mentioned in the same scandal.


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