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Friday, September 09, 2005

Too Many Boneheads

Hurricane Katrina definitely brought out the boneheads on all sides of the aisle.

Barbara Bush, sounding like Marie Antoinette, saying the evacuation might be okay for some of the folks since they lived in poverty.

Moveon.Org, for trying to exploit hurricane victims, then finding out most everyone found it disgusting, so they denied they had made the commercial using their images.

Howard Dean, well, enough said.

Kayne West, for his comments on NBC.

Nancy Pelosi, for linking Hurricane Katrina to her opinion of John Roberts.

Micheal Brown, head of FEMA, for being slow, though no slower than the instructions states have say FEMA would be, and then for not being able to articulate how the process works. He deserved to be a scapegoat.

Mayor Nagins and Gov. Blanco for not being able to A) Read their disaster plans, and B) not being able to make decisions.

George Bush, for not explaining why he can't just send in the Feds. The Insurrection Act didn't apply here, and the Posse Commitatus act doesn't allow federal troops to be cops, or take control over a governors wishes. But if you listen to the Governor of La, or the Prez you'd never know that.

Jesse Jackson, for deciding refugee is a racist term. Of course, Jesse wants the phrase "the pot callng the kettle black" changed too.

RFK Jr. For claiming Haley Barbour brought the whole thing on.

And the list could go on ad naseum.


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