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Monday, September 05, 2005

Update on Last Post

Evidently the wording of O'Connors resignation, and the rules of the Supreme Court will make it even more imparitive for liberals to hold up confirming not only Roberts, but the justice who will actually replace O'Connor.

If they hold up Roberts they have a 8 person court, and John Paul Stevens will act as the CJ. Contrary to popular belief, especially in the Democratic party by the sights on todays news, the Chief really doesn't do much other than preside over meetings, and assign cases that come to the court for review by the associates. The hope is evidently while he's in charge, Stevens will give the easy stuff to the conservatives, and anything that could be used to write law from the bench to the liberals.

The O'Connor issue is bigger, though. Because she's agreed to stay on the court until her replacement is confirmed, she could well be sitting into October and the start of the term. However, unless she is on the court when they release the results of votes, her vote doesn't count. This could essentially make it an 8 person court, 4 liberals, 4 conservatives.

In the great liberal fashion, if they can't win,they'll stall. My guess is they will stall, especially if any case of importance to liberal causes is scheduled before the court in October. I guess the big question is can they find a way to stall until 2009, the next time they MIGHT have a chance to actually name a justice.


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