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Monday, April 03, 2006

America, The Divided

In looking around the web this morning for my post today, I ran over to Old Sgt's Out "Post", and found his post "John Wayne, Where Are You".

I followed the link to "America, Why I Love Her", which is a tribute site to a book and album done by John Wayne with poetry by John Mitchum(brother of actor Robert Mitchum) published in 1977 .

One particular chapter from the book caught my eye, and made me wonder how "The Duke" would feel today. The Hypen, discusses the assimilation of people from all over the world into the American melting pot. One particular paragraph stands out in todays world:
Like Ireland, the Middle East has long been divided by ancient hatreds, hatreds that have no place on our shores. Religious wars and fierce idealogical conflicts should never be a part of America; people came to Her to escape religious and political persecution. Sure, we've had our problems. What family doesn't? But they haven't stopped us. The total divisiveness that has burdened many other nations hasn't caught on here. We have our disagreements, but let some other country step on our tail and they'll find out how quickly Americans become united.

Today we've gotten away from that. Divisiveness has taken over our political landscape, race relations, and general demeanor. Or so we are lead to believe by our media, which needs conflict of some sort to get ratings and increase circulation.

Even our "adult leadership", the folks in congress aren't immune from using the victim game and race card to protect themselves. Rep. Cynthia McKinney may well be charged with assaulting a Capital Police officer because she forgot her identifying pin and trying to skirt security anyway.

Instead of a little bit of humility, and recognizing she did something wrong, she's decided she's a victim, "Let me be clear. This whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me, a female black congresswoman," no, it occurred because you didn't use common sense.

I work in a secure facility. If I forget my ID badge that allows entrance I have to show another form of ID, and get an escort. Same for the Representative, had she stopped at the checkpoint, said "officer, I forgot my pin, I'm Rep. McKinney", and produced an ID, there would be no questions about her being in the building. The officer probably would have joked about how many times it happens, given her a temporary pass, and she'd have been on her way.

We also see the devisiveness in our current debate on immigration. As opposed to solutions and actual security, we have two sides of an issue dealing in hyperbole and excessive rhetoric. The politicians and media are working up a storm over what most of the country sees as a common sense issue, secure borders and documented immigration.

John Wayne would be sorely disappointed by the direction we are moving, or being lead to think we are by the media and our political leaders.
When we all tear down walls of bigotry and prejudice and live in real harmony with ourselves and others, then we'll all say "I am an American," pure and simple. And "The Hyphen" will no longer apply to any of us. When that day comes, the world can count on us for another ten thousand years, for we'll be a brighter, a stronger and an undivided America.
Those walls have to be brought down from both sides, just as the Berlin Wall was. Rep. McKinney and the illegal aliens in the country need to admit what they did was wrong, and talk about what they could have done differently. The folks who actually do stop people for "driving while black", or who refuse to admit that immigrants do bring something important to the country also need to relook at their attitudes on race issues.

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Blogger shoprat said...

People do not like to admit that they were wrong and that is doubly true for people her sees themselves as powerful or at least should be powerful. Being wrong is weakness and they believe they must never show weakess. If politicians admit a mistake their opponents are quick jump on it. Her mistake was that she opened her big mouth about it and let her ego (and fist) fly.

8:52 PM  
Blogger ablur said...

I have the John Wayne Album. It is probably on of the greatest pieces of patriotic treasure I could give a listen too.
I am sure John would be very disappointed in the nation he loved so much.

The word illegal is what gets me. This word glares out at me. It locks so many away for illegal entry, yet our leaders fail to recognize this distinction. Perhaps we should free all those who have been imprisoned for breaking and entering.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Shoprat, I think along with your point, she's an attention pig, and saw this as a way to get some.

Ablur, I agree with you on "illegal". I get a laugh everytime a democrat says we shouldn't criminalize illegal immigration. Isn't it already??

6:50 AM  
Blogger Matthew said...

The McKinney incident is irritating to me, too. Like you, I can't just breeze past the metal detectors at work. I don't even want to imagine what would happen to me if I struck one of the cops. If I wasn't shot on the spot, I'd lose my job and face criminal charges.

What makes politicians so above the law? Are they some kind of untouchable Aristocracy? My opinion is that this kind of disregard for the rules that binds the rest of us is endemic across party lines in Washington. Look no further than Duke Cunnigham for a Republican example--ironically nicknamed after the Duke you refer to in your blog post. Cunningham is the most disgusting example of human waste to inhabit Washington since the Washington Canal was cleaned up and turned into the Mall.

1:32 PM  

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