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Monday, September 25, 2006

NFL Notes

I don't do sports a lot, but politics has been boring the last few days, with only Bill Clinton's whining about Chris Wallace's questioning him on his anti-terrorism efforts really being worthwhile.

So, instead I'll do the NFL this morning. First, for those who don't live in the area of the NFC North, you'll never understand just how much the Packers, Bears, and Vikings folks dislike each other. Yesterday was very tough, as the Bears were playing the Vikings, and as a Packer fan I had to pray for a tie.

Here are some observations from this weekend, though.

Brett Favre obviously can still throw a football, despite the cracks by the guys on ESPN. A 101.9 QB rating in his last two games pretty well shows that. Joining Marino in the 400 TD club was great, as was getting a win to shush a few critics.

The Bears offense is completely overrated. They played two bad defenses the first two weeks (Green Bay, and Detroit). When they met a tough one they could only score 4 field goals, two coming on short drives. It took Minnesota screwing up to give them short field for a TD to win. Seattle will expose them next week.

Chris Simms is a lousy QB, but tougher than me. Let's face it, Gruden would have to bench him pretty soon, and bad as he's been playing. The ruptured spleen makes that a little easier. However, I don't think I'd be out there playing with cracked ribs for the last half of a game. Get well soon, and maybe try coaching.

Eli Manning isn't his brother.. DUH! Everyone started talking last week after the comeback against the Eagles about how he'd "turned the corner". The problem is, he evidently kept turning based on the way he gave up the ball to Seattle yesterday. Digging 35-0 holes isn't the way to win games.

The Jets aren't for real, don't let the 2-1 record fool you. They've beaten two bad teams, Buffalo and Tennessee, and lost to New England. Like many years in the past they'll look great agains the mediocre, and continue to lose to good ones. The scheduling gods have set them up to go 9-7 this year, then disappoint if they make the playoffs.

The Byron Leftwich era in Jacksonville will end after this year. Unlike Chad Pennington, this guy from Marshall hasn't totally embraced the NFL game. Some of the problems are the team surrounding him, but he just makes too many bad decisions. Jacksonville has no playmakers around him, and will probably retool after this year, starting at his position.

Mark Brunnell isn't as good as he looked yesterday (or as bad as he looked last week). Every QB should get a game or two against Houston every year to pad their stats, which is what Mark did yesterday. Kudos for the NFL record 22 staight completions to start the game, but Mark, it was Houston. Note to coach Gibbs, he's not the long term answer at QB.

Philly is doing great at beating bad teams. Before everyone in the City of Brotherly Love (and muggings) jumps back on the Eagles Super Bowl Bandwagon, remember, you've beaten Houston (see above) and San Francisco. I'll believe the hype when they win against a decent team.

Good luck to the Saint's tonight in their first true home game in over a year. I'd love to see them smack down the Falcons. Just about any team that sells out against the run and makes the Falcons play through the air can beat them, and New Orleans has a decent, though not great, run defense.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I'm seeing right now, you may get your wish! The receivers can't hold the ball, or it's knocked down by the Saints. It's 3-14, in favor of the Saints into the 2nd quarter.

Yes, I'm a woman an love football. I have to; my grandson plays!

8:52 PM  

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