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Friday, December 01, 2006


My daily giggle comes from Motley Fool! Evidently the government in Norway has blacklisted my former employer, Lockheed Martin (often referred to here as MegaCorp) from their government pension investments.

I laughed because one of the groups of sailors that were educated at the facility I worked in were Norwegian. You see, they bought a bunch of anti-aircraft frigates, equipped with the Lockheed Martin built Aegis Weapon System. They've also blacklisted Northrop Grumman, and Boeing and Raytheon from such investments. These companies supply weapons systems or components of them to the same country who won't invest in them with their pensions. Raytheon designed the transmitter for the radar on their version of Aegis.

To me it shows the hypocrisy governments will go to for the appearance of social responsibility. While Norway has no problem buying weapons from Lockheed and the others on the list, which is of course an investment in the companies, they want to appear responsible? Why not just go all the way, refuse to buy from any company who makes a weapon you don't like.

That was rhetorical, of course, Norway has seen what happens to weak sisters in Europe over the decades. So instead of being truly socially responsible (by their definition) they'll instead try to appear so, when in fact they are just hypocrites.

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