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Monday, January 22, 2007

More Into The Fray

While Hillary got the headlines this weekend, by announcing (like we needed one) that she's running for President, today Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico tossed his hat into the ring.

While Clinton, Obama, and John Edwards are the front runners for the Democratic nomination, Richardson isn't someone who should be counted out. Of all of the folks running, from any side of the aisle, he's got more governement experience, and foreign policy experience. His time at the UN, and his work in Korea, and Sudan, and other places around the world gives him an edge in an area that will probably be the centerpoint of the 2008 election.

Richardson should appeal to most Democrats who are looking for both experience, and electability. Clinton has one, Obama the other; Richardson definitely has the experience, and my guess is as people come to know him over the next year he may capture the electability crown too.

He's anti-Bush on Iraq, very Democratic sounding when he talks (wrongly) about the economy, and has an appeal that many Democratic pollsters love, he can attract hispanic voters because he's hispanic. Since they've become the largest minority in the country having someone who can attract that bloc will become increasing important as the election approaches.

My guess is that as Clinton's negatives become more and more clear, and Obama's lack of experience becomes an issue, many in the Dem camp will look towards Richardson.

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