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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Time To Negotiate

Robert K. Brigham has an op-ed in the Washington Post this morning, telling us "The Time To Negotiate Is Now"; and he's wrong.

The truth is the time to negotiate with Iran and Syria to try and get them to quit supplying weapons, knowledge, and bodies to the Iraq insurgency was probably 2-3 years ago, when they might have had some motivation to listen.

At that point, with a GOP controlled Congress, and reasonable public support in the US for the war, they'd have had reason to look at any carrots we offered, fearing the stick we carried.

Today, with a Congress set on failure in Iraq, and a public that doesn't grasp the consequences of such a failure, Iran and Syria have no reason what so ever to negotiate in good faith with us, or anyone.

Brigham's idea of backing off on support of Israel to gain favor with the two biggest terrorist sponsor in the region is pure insanity. Iran and Syria have both showed a willingness to feign cooperation with the international community when it will buy them time for something else; then completely abandon any pretense of caring what the world thinks of them when it suits their interests.

Syria proven this by closing Hezbollah offices in their country to gain favor with the UN and others; at the same time they funneled weapons to the Palestinians, and money to Hezbollah candidates in the PA to help put them in a position of power.

Iran is less subtle, they just tell the world to screw off on a regular basis, knowing that because of dependence on Iranian oil, and the money they get from Iran for weapons, China will block any meaningful UN actions against them.

Yeah, these are the guys we should negotiate with.

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