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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Moonbats in Brew Town

Sunday night somewhere between 20 and 30 (depending on who's numbers) folks showed up at a Milwaukee Army recruiting office to "peacefully protest the war in Iraq". Evidently peaceful protests include smashing windows, spray painting graffiti, and smearing human excrement on the building.

A couple of notes to the young, inexperienced protesters. First, if you want to make a statement at a recruiting office, you might try showing up when someone is there. Second, if you are so proud of your cause, try not wearing masks when you show up. Third, make sure everyone you are taking with you is on the same page about what the word peaceful means.

Having followed Milwaukee politics and crime for most of my life, since I lived in the area most of it, I'm pretty sure the DA won't file anything other than disorderly conduct charges, which is too bad. The kids (they were 13-20 years old) will get tickets and nothing else.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel headline on the story "Damage Blamed on Frustration", and the second line "Some predict violent protest may be sign of things to come" should point the DA to toward taking a stronger stand and filing more charges in the case.

If protesters think "hey, I can trash a building and only get a $50 fine" they are more likely to do it. If they see a couple extra misdemeanor charges or possibly felony destruction 9f property ($1000 damage on federal property) they might think twice about turning protests ugly.

I don't disagree with the kids right to protest, hell I gave up 20 years to defend it. However, peaceful protests are different than trashing buildings. For the lefty's and peaceniks who want to defend this as a form of free speech, keep in mind if this is free speech, then you have to condone the right to life folks trashing abortion clinics as the same type of free speech.

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