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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pointing Out The Obvious

Today's News Sun has a great article on business' take on the gross receipts tax. The president of MacLean-Fogg, Barry MacLean summed it up very well....

"Only the state and county have borders. A business does not have borders. It does not have to sit in the same place,"

To many of this his observation is a no brainer.

Business owners brought up other legitimate concerns about the tax, and what it's supposed to be used for. For one, health care. While most like the idea of free or cheap health care, business owners seem to know what the truth is. If a state makes health care free, folks who want free health care will flock to that state. And, once that happens the tax that pays for it has to go up to cover the extra people.

If you don't think that's how it works consider this, the last time the US offered amnesty to illegals there were about 8 million of them eligible. Now, after a program that was supposed to "end illegal immigration", we have between 13 and 18 million illegals here, waiting for the next amnest program.

Something that surprised me was some of the business owners said they don't want a lot of extra money tossed at schools if there was no accountability with that money.

Jeff Mays, president of Illinois Business Rountable, said a huge infusion of money to school districts facing financial difficulties could fuel deficit spending and schools should be held accountable for academic achievements in math and science. He criticized the state for lowering standards to allow students to pass

I think Gov. Blagojevich is going to find out that his tax is going to end up costing more than businesses; some of the "average folks" he's supposedly trying to protect with it are going to end up needing free health care when they lose their jobs to some other state or country.

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