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Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Please....

Governor Rod Blagojevich has realized that me made a mistake with his proposal for a $6 Billion dollar tax hike on Illinois business. The Mistake? It wasn't big enough! That's right, just like at the federal level, the state has a problem with getting enough votes to pass things, so it buys them.

In this case the Governor was already going to go after "big bad business" and make them pay for free health care for everyone, and now an extra billion for schools and (supposedly) property tax relief.

Once again, our elected officials have shown that when the votes aren't there to get their way, they'll look for another way to buy votes to get their pet projects.

The biggest problem with this whole thing is that health care and property taxes aren't the biggest issues that he should be looking at in the state budgets. Instead, he might look at the state's underfunded pension liabilities; a problem he's exasperated by funding other projects by deferring payments to that fund.

School funding is an issue, but it's one that could be addressed separately from the health issue, and probably get enough votes to pass on it's own merits if the right plan were presented.

Instead, Governor "Buy All The Votes" has decided that instead of taking care of existing problems; which may well require a tax increase; he'd rather create huge new layers of goverment, and probably future funding issues.

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