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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Running The Wrong Way?

I've been reading all the news coverage of the Democratic debate the other night, and one thing above all strikes me. The Democrats don't know who they are running against. They seem to be spending a lot of time, money, and energy running against George Bush, who, unless we amend the Constitution in the next 16 months won't be in the race next year.

That's contrasted by the GOP candidates, who will actually be on ballots, who are running against the Democratic ideology of big government, retreat in Iraq, and general gloom and doom tones.

While I can somewhat understand the Democratic idea, in the long run I dont' think it's going to be helpful to whoever wins their nomination. While we'll all be sure that the nominee isn't George Bush, I don't think we're getting a full view of who they are.

For instance, if you got your Obama fix from the debates he's gave one tone on foriegn policy, and military interventions of the Bush type. Yet, last week he gave a speech in Chicago in which he sounds much more like GWB than he doesn't a Democrat who's against the war, or use of force. In fairness though, he ignored radical Islam as a threat, as most Democrats do; thinking it's a few scatter folks who hold the ideology.

It will be interesting, as next January and the first caucus's and primaries get closer, to see if the Democrats actually start running for something, or continue to run against someone who isn't running. I think if they chose to continue to run against Bush they'll find out it's a mistake. Yes, he's unpopular, but he's also not on the ballot.

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