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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Never Mind

As I read about the charges being dropped in the Duke (wasn't a) rape case, I'm reminded of the old lady Gilda Radner played on Saturday Night Live. You remember, the one who got everything confused on the news, and then at the end, when she was corrected, looked at the camera and said "Oh, never mind".

Unfortunately, cases like this are what happens when over zealous prosecutors and community "leaders" decide to try a case on TV and in the news, before they actually look at evidence.

Mike Nifong, the DA on the case is now facing removal from the State Bar for his actions, and hopefully will lose his law license after this rebuke from the AG in North Carolina.

Now we should all start asking if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will agree to meet with the 3 men who were wrongly charged, and appologize for their comments in defense of the accuser. My guess is neither will. It's not like they did anything like Don Imus. They only tried to help destroy three peoples lives by sending them to prison for something they didn't do.

As for the nappy haired ho' (look at pictures of her, and the DNA evidence in the case, it's not a slur, it's the truth) who made the accusations she won't be charged. While the AG said it's because "she actually believed the many stories she was telling." I'm betting that he just doesn't want to put up with the publicity putting her on trial would garner.

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