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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Best Take On The Imus Flap

Yes, Don Imus has been fired by both MSNBC and CBS, so lots of folks are happy. But one guy isn't, Jason Whitlock at the Kansas City Star. He doesn't think Imus should have been canned, or even a big story.

Whitlock is a former writer at ESPN, and still a columnist for the Star, and has a history of talking straight about the true problems in the black culture (Read this interview). Unfortunately, he's a lonely voice in his community.

Here's part of what he had to say about the Imus flap today:
We all know where the real battleground is. We know that the gangsta rappers and their followers in the athletic world have far bigger platforms to negatively define us than some old white man with a bad radio show. There’s no money and lots of danger in that battle, so Jesse and Al are going to sit it out.

He's unfortunately right with that statement, and another concerning the reaction to Imus:
It is us. At this time, we are our own worst enemies. We have allowed our youths to buy into a culture (hip hop) that has been perverted, corrupted and overtaken by prison culture. The music, attitude and behavior expressed in this culture is anti-black, anti-education, demeaning, self-destructive, pro-drug dealing and violent.

Rather than confront this heinous enemy from within, we sit back and wait for someone like Imus to have a slip of the tongue and make the mistake of repeating the things we say about ourselves

Give his whole column a read. What he says doesn't make what Don Imus did right, or less wrong, but it does bring a different perspective to it.

As for my opinion on the firings? CBS and MSNBC were right to fire him, he cost both a lot of sponsors dollars, and his job is to bring money in, not make it go away. I'll also lay odds that within 6 months he's back on the air someplace, probably XM or Sirius, but he won't be out of work long.

(H/T to Charlie Sykes who pointed out the column on his show today)
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