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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why I Don't Vote For Democrats

If there is any doubt whatsoever as to a Democratic agenda for the country should both chambers of Congress and the White House end up under their control next year it should have been erased this week by the state of Wisconsin.

The Democratic controlled State Senate voted to increase spending in the state by 23% over the next two years, raise taxes by 18 BILLION dollars, and put their (every so heavy) hand into just about every aspect of the citizens life.

While the GOP (nationally) did little in the last few years to prove they are fiscally prudent, what they didn't do is be proven complete wrecklessness, either. Yes, spending went up while they were in control, but so have revenues nationally (and in most states).

In Wisconsin, which is one of the few states still running a budget deficit, they've decided that the cure to any problem is of course, the government. In the real world, we've seen that lack of government is generally a better prescription.

As a resident of Illinois, I will have to applaud Wisconsin, should their State Assembly decide to pass the same budget. We'll have tons of jobs down here as companies scramble to escape from "tax hell". Plus, we'll have less residents who don't want to work, or can't get insurance. Both of those will be taken care of for them north of the border.

The truth of the Wisconsin budget battle is that it is actually more of a political ploy than actually trying to do many of the things outlined in the bill.

Would Democrats like to put a grossly unfair gross receipts tax on oil companies? Sure, but they'll be just as happy next year to claim 'Republican's blocked the Democrats in Wisconsin from taxing huge oil profits'.

Would Democrats like to provide universal health care, regardless of the obscene cost? Sure, but they'll be just as happy to say 'If you don't have medical coverage, blame the GOP, they blocked it'.

They'll never mention the cost of any of their ideas, or the consequences, because honestly, those don't sell them very well. Instead they'll continue to sell the idea of utopia on Lake Michigan, hoping the residents don't get smart enough to look 70 miles across the lake and see what overreaching by state government has actually done to Michigan.

Unfortunately, what the budget battle north of me is proving is that crass politics, and not the best interest of the people of the state are foremost in the eyes of the left. They don't actually want to pass half the stuff in their budget, they want it to fail so they can blame someone for that.

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