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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why We Hate Lawyers, Part 999

Roy Pearson is an administrative law judge in Washington D.C., who had a pair of pants lost at the cleaners. So now he's suing, for 57 MILLION DOLLARS, plus $425/hr in legal fees, to be paid to his lawyer, himself. The suit, he says, isn't over the pants, it's over the fact that they have a "satisfaction guaranteed" sign in the window, and he's not satisfied.

To be fair, he has lowered his origninal 65 million dollar claim.

The fact that this has gone to trial, when cleaners offered him a $12,000 settlement over a pair of pants from an $800 suit shows why we revile lawyers so much in this country. Taking the settlement and buying 10 suits of better quality than he had would make sense to normal folks. But to a lawyer that just doesn't work. Satisfaction evidently requires many more zeros on the check.

The judge in the case, Judith Bartnoff, gets a sloppy wet kiss from Marc Fisher of the Washington Post for "her remarkable work" in moving Pearson along in his rambling yesterday. What Fisher should have done is lambasted her for not ordering a summary dismissal as soon as the parties entered the court room.

Hopefully the jury is made up of fairly sane people, who see Pearson as a money grubbing scum, who's trying to play the system to get himself rich. My guess is he's doing this because the job of being an administrative law judge doesn't pay very well, and he's looking for a name to get himself a partnership somewhere. Is it too much to hope that the law firms in DC would see this as a shallow ploy, they are, of course filled with lawyers.

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