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Monday, June 18, 2007

Barack Odumba?

It seems that things aren't so good for Barack Obama today. First, the Chicago Sun Times has an article claiming that Obama had over $168,000 raised for him by indicted political bag man Tony Rezko since the mid 1990's. A few months back the Senator's campaign pegged the number as "between 50 and 60 thousand dollars", and is sticking by that number, even though others are coming out and saying it was higher.

Then, he got bombed by the press over a memo questioning Hillary Clinton's ties to companies in India, with the headline "Hillary Clinton (D-Punjab)".

For quite a few months Obama has been getting wet sloppy kisses from the press, and passes on gaffes. But, as we are starting to see, the press would like a cat fight between the Obama and Clinton camps, and is going to work hard to start it. They also want to see how Sen. O will do during the campaign when faced with adversity and negative publicity, like the new Rezko story.

At some point, I'm sure they'll get sick of the stock line concerning Rezko and the donations he's solicited; "We've made our best effort to run the most ethical campaign possible in all ways and release donations when appropriate." At some point, and it's looking to be sooner than later, they'll start asking how there can be such a disparity between their accounting and that of others when it comes to his campaign cash.

This is the way the press will work in this election cycle, they are covering their own tails. Remember, in 2004 we had headlines way too early calling Howard Dean the next President, and then he fell apart, and the press had to figure out how to put lipstick on the pig that was John Kerry.

This time around they'd rather have the contenders and pretenders weened apart before the primaries start; lest their be another "scream".

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