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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Great Commutator

Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator, George Bush will be known as the Great Commutator after commuting Lewis "Scooter" Libby's prison term today.

John Conyers (D-Mi) immediately immediately blasted the President saying:
"until now, it appeared that the President merely turned a blind eye to a high ranking administration official leaking classified information. The President's action today makes it clear that he condones such activity. This decision is inconsistent with the rule of law and sends a horrible signal to the American people and our intelligence operatives who place their lives at risk everyday."

I hate to correct John, but Libby wasn't convicted of any such thing. In fact, if Johnny would check the record, Richard Armitage confessed to being the person who informed media folks of Plame's identity, before Libby ever testified at the Grand Jury.

Also, if Mr. Conyers would like to check, Libby is still a convincted felon, still on probation, and still liable for a $250,000 fine, pending appeal. Hardly a slap on the wrist for a perjury conviction.

Contrast that to Carlos Vignali, convicted of conspiracy to sell cocaine and sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, he's on the street thanks to the last President, who commuted his sentence to "time served".

Or Marc Rich, convicted of 51 counts of tax evasion, fraud, and bypassing an embargo with Iran, who never turned himself over to authorities, in fact he fled the country. He's now a free man thanks to his full and unconditional pardon by the last president.

Oddly, Rich's wife and Vignali's father are both huge donors to the Democratic Party.

No, Bush did the right thing by letting the conviction stand, and commuting the jail time for Libby. In a less politically charged atmosphere probably would never have even seen the Grand Jury after Armitage's confession to Patrick Fitzgerald, but Fitzgerald knew someone had to get convicted of something in "Plamegate" to shut up Conyers and his friends.

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