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Sunday, August 05, 2007

We must be a busy lot, eh? On vacation?

The title is a comment from one of my favorite readers. The text message from my daughter was "you need a new post".

Okay, it's been just over 3 weeks, and I've been lazy, at least about blogging. Since my last post on July 12th I've put just over 5,000 miles on my truck, and managed 30 hours per week at customer sites (on top of driving). I attended a wedding reception for a nephew, a birthday party for a cousin and his son, and got to spend a weekend with my wife. Other than that, yeah, I've been on vacation :)

I've been to Lincoln and Omaha, Ne; Warsaw, Syracuse, and Elkhart, In; Peoria, Bloomington and Rock Island Illinois, and Iowa City, and various points closer to me. I've planned and cancelled a trip to Arkansas and Oklahoma, and rewritten my work schedule more times than I care to think about. Bad test equipment ruined my planned 3 day weekend, and customer issues have lengthened a few too many days. Yup, it's been a vacation.

But don't worry, I am around, and as soon as I catch up with my sleep, I plan on writing something full of profound wisdom. First though, I'm going to catch up on my sleep, when I get home later this week from another road trip.

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