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Friday, November 30, 2007

NFL Network Horror Show

Yesterday I called my cable company, and ordered the Sports Tier package, so I could get the NFL Network to watch the Dallas/Green Bay match up. On the 29th of December I'll call and cancel it, since I'm going to be charged for a month of the tier anyway I'll use it until then.

After going through the pain of listening to Bryant Gumbel try and do play by play I've decided that I can't see giving anyone money for that product.

Here's the thing, the NFL is trying to extort many cable operators to the tune of $0.80 per month per extended basic subscriber to carry their package. Yet the flagship of the network, the games they withhold from over the air broadcasts are horrible, at best. They are asking a premium price, for a substandard product.

We had NFLN last year as part of our basic package, and Gumbel was horrible then. I guess I was hoping that after a year he'd gotten better. He hasn't, and I'm not going to pay to listen to him. If NFLN has another "gotta see" game I'll go to a sports bar and give my money to them, instead of paying Gumbel's wages, which are too high even if he's working for free.

On the subject of cable companies and the NFL Network (and Big Ten Network), I'm in agreement with where Comcast has it placed. If I want the extra sports programming, I should pay for it. However, if I don't, I shouldn't have an extra 80 cents (or a $1.10 in the case of the Big Ten network) foisted on my bill.

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