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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bye Bye Rudy and John

Presidential candidates are dropping like flies after the Florida primary. Rudy Guiliani and John Edwards both dropped out today. I'm not really sure the race is any worse off on either side of the ticket with their departures, either.

While Rudy had some good points, like Romney and McCain he had more than a few liberal tendancies, and I'm not sure with his personal baggage he'd have been the best foe for Hillary or Obama.

Edwards never really had a chance, and was basically running to remind us there are still a few straight white guys in the Democratic party, though no one in the party courts their votes. I personally think John would have had a better chance had he dumped his wife, grabbed a boyfriend, and ran trying to be the first gay president. Let's face it, that silver spoon in his mouth and his $1200 haircuts made his message of being "for the little guy" kind of hard to believe.

It will be interesting to see, if McCain ends up as the GOP nominee, if the 'true conservatives' who claim to hate him are going to be willing to vote for him, or will they sit on the sideline knowing that without their votes Hillary could be the next President. To me sitting out the election would be the ultimate "cutting off of the nose to spite the face" move on their part.

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