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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cutting Their Own Throats

Democrats today endorsed a plan in the Senate to allow all of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts to expire in 2010, netting America an increase of 683 BILLION dollars in taxes. Both candidates running for President thought it was a good idea.

The GOP, if they have half a brain, will begin advertising this, and the number (20 million) of lower income taxpayers who came off the tax rolls as a result of those cuts. Under the plan passed today, all 20 million of them will get an unpleasant surprise in 2010 when they have to pay taxes again.

The odditie of this is that six weeks ago Democrats decided that by giving us back some of our tax dollars, they could stimulate the economy. Now, somehow, giving out tax increases that average about $2000 family per year is going to be good for us. I can't follow that, but I think Steely Dan's song title, "Pretzel Logic", explains it' pretty well.

I will give Democrats this, they've got some sack putting this to a vote before the election. You have to be supremely confident that you are going to win re-election and take the White House to come up with this idea at this point in the year.

My guess is that they'll find out that as much as they want to claim the tax increases are only going to hit the rich, the truth will get out, and they may be left wondering come November what happened.

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