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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Erica Jong... Fear of Math!

Erica Jong has an article up at the Huffington Post that made me laugh, hard, about her lacking skills at both research, and math. You'd think an author, who posts to the internet could use Google or Wikipedia to check her facts.

"Why I Am So Afraid" shows the depths of despair of guilty liberal elites when they realize the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot (again).

First, let's get to Erica's deficiencies. According to her, we are spending $12 Billion A DAY in Iraq. I'll do the math for her, that comes out to 4.3 trillion dollars a year, 50% more than the entire US Budget for FY 2008. Even 10-12 million a day would be hard to figure, since that would have 75% of the defense budget and off budget requests being spent there. But hey, what's being off by a factor of 1000 matter when you are making a point, right.

Erica also thinks we spend more on war than our people:

If anyone in Washington read history, they'd understand that any empire that spends more in war than on its people eventually goes down in flames.

Only one problem with that theory, we aren't close to spending as much on the war in Iraq, or the military in general, as we do on people. Mandatory Spending for 2008's budget was listed at 1.79 trillion dollars, while the discretionary portion (which includes much more than war) was 1.14 trillion. Social Security alone was higher than the DoD budget and GWOT budget combined!

If you add in HUD, Transportation, Education, Labor and Interior budgets to money spent on "people" and subtract the debt from mandatory spending, you end up with about 70% of the federal budget going to people, and 30% going to not only war, but everything else.

But then, why both fact checking, or even writing factual articles, when the lemmings that read it believe everything you say. (You can check my numbers, lest I call you lemmings.)

Now, on to the real issues she's dealing with. The real problem she's having though, is that Hillary and Barack are beating each other to death in the primaries, and letting John McCain grow his lead over both of them. Had she just said that, and not bothered with the Bush bashing hyperbole and LIES her article might have had some merit. Instead, it's another joke of a post at Huffington.

If you want to get into the other aspect of her post, the characterizations of Clinton and Obama as a beaver and a stallion, go check out Brainster.

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