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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Trough Shall Be Full!

As Congress passed it's budget plans last night one thing was made certain. Earmarks are here to stay. Ignore all that stuff about reforming the process that you hear in 2006 when the Democrats were going to clean up Congress' wasteful ways. In the Senate only 5 of them voted for a 1 year moratorium on pet project spending, 2 of those five are running for President, and knew they'd be bludgeoned if they didn't.

The Pelosi lead House, and Harry Reid's Senate voted to keep their earmarks, and they'll probably "bundle" them again in the next budget, to make sure that their new, transparent process is anything but.

But hey, when you vote to raise taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars, why would you want to close the feeding trough? The folks in Congress see that huge increase in (Congress's) income as a way to make everyone happy, and keep themselves in power. Everyone will get a bridge to nowhere and two new parks! And they see you, typical voter, as too stupid to remember the promises that they made less than 2 years ago to fix this process.

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