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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something Good About Athletes

After spending most of the winter listening to congressional hearings about HGH and other steroids it's easy to get very jaded about athletes.

Today's Washington Post has an excellent piece that helps remind us that not all athletes are jerks, and that they can be humbled by the realization they are role models for many kids.

Michael Flowers is a guard from Wisconsin who's made his name in college ball not by scoring 25 a game, but keeping the other teams best player from doing that. He was robbed (IMHO) by not being the defensive player of the year in the Big 10.

Flowers took 2 weeks off this year to deal with "personal problems" which he, and his family don't discuss. But he credits a 5 five year old, half way across the country with putting things into perspective for him.

He keeps a number 22 jersey (his number) that says "Kidball" on it that he got from Max Bass of Maryland with him all the time. It reminds him that things can be tough for some folks, but not nearly as tough as they are for a 5 year old with leukemia.

Check out the article, if you are tired of Bonds, Cansenco, Clemens, and the other jerks of sport, this might give you back some faith in athletes.

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